Based on the novel « Les Jumelles de Westwald », by Patrick Prévoteau.

In co-production with SOMBRERO FILMS.

Author of the adaptation : Chloé Marçais.

Genre : Romantic and historical drama.

Storyline : In the 1980s, in France, Johanna, 35, a war reporter, has come to rest at her parents’ home in Picardy. There, she discovers a forty-year-old family secret: her mother Marguerite was separated from her babý during the war, and has never been found. At 19, when her resistance group is disbanded, Marguerite loses her fiancé and, six months pregnant, is forced to hide from the Gestapo… in a Lebensborn, a Nazi maternity hospitaĺ dedicated to the ‘manufacture’ of Aryan babies, where no one will go looking for her. Out of love for her mother, and for the truth́, Johanna will investigate and uncover the painful grey areas of her history…