Pour Mon Fils

Author : Isabelle Lazard

Based on “Si mon fils ne veut plus vivre”, a book by Fabienne Gauclin and Serge Herbin

Genre : Societal, based on a true story

Storyline : Fabienne’s life is turned upside down one night in November 2015, when her son Giani is stabbed. The young man miraculously escapes, but with terrible after-effects: 95% disabled, he also suffers from a “locked in syndrome”. Locked in his own body, Giani is now unable to walk, eat or even breathe on his own. He can only communicate by moving his eyelids and lifting a finger. His mother is always at his bedside, a helpless witness to his suffering but determined to fight for justice.
For My Son is the poignant story of a mother ready to do anything for her son, a story that opens the debate on euthanasia and end-of-life choices.