Pas Mon Genre

by Sandrine Gregor

Genre : Drama

Storyline : Gladys is 16 years old, with an average grade of 18 and a dream physique. Her parents are cool, her friends are funny, she’s dating the hottest guy in school, and she’ll soon be a basketball champion. So when she learns, during a visit to the gynaecologist, that her “outside” does not match her “inside”, her world collapses. Gladys learns that she is intersex. Yes, it is possible. Gladys is a girl… but XY. But then, does she still have the right to call herself and feel like a woman? Or must she question everything and accept a male identity? Although nature has played a strange trick on her, Gladys will not let herself be sunk, and will find her way out of the box. One thing is certain, girl or boy, she is not the type to give up happiness.