Meurtres Dans Le Cantal

Authors : Marie-Luce David and Pierre-Yves Lebert

Collection ” Meurtres à “, France 3.

Directed by Sandrine Cohen

Written by Marie-Luce David and Pierre-Yves Lebert

Storyline : Yann Privat, a renowned restaurateuŕ, is found drowned, neck broken, in a lake in the Cézallier. The man was a runner and schemer in business, there is no shortage of suspects; but the locals prefer to say that it is a misdeed of the Drac, an evil imp. When a second victim is struck, our two gendarmes, Captain Sarah Waro and Commander Fréderic Dussaut, wonder whether the death of a restaurant owner a few months earlier is not also linked to this case. Together, they must solve the case before another murder takes place, while confronting the impossible mourning of their son who died a year earlier by accident on Reunion Island.