The Law of Violence

Directed by Pierre Lacan

With Jean-Paul Rouve, Claude Brasseur, Olivier Gourmet, Marie Kremer, Gilles Cohen

Release date : march 16, 2011

Runtime : 1h22

Genre : Crime, Thriller, Drama

Storyline : Benoit, 39, is a regular guy with a wife and newborn son. But when his father, a private investigator, goes missing after a break-in at his firm, Benoit launches a search for him that gradually uncovers the disturbing truth about his double life. He realizes his dad is not at all the hero he always believed in. Benoit is hunted down by ruthless killers in search of a large amount of heroin and intent on killing his family if he fails to find his father for them.
Helped by a prostitute, Benoit must now protect his family and save his own life.