La Papesse (8x52')

In coproduction with SOMBRERO FILMS.  

Author : Christelle Berthevas

Based on the novel of Renée Dunan

Prospective director : Asia Argento.

Genre : romantic and historical drama

Storyline : Could a woman have occupied the papal throne between 855 and 858 ? In 822, Joan, the daughter of an evangelist monk, disguised herself to escape the convent. Intelligent and erudite, she quickly managed to progress within the Church, which was unaware of her sex. At the age of 26, she was called to the bedside of Pope Leo IV, who was seriously ill. The young woman soon realised that he had been poisoned. By saving him from death, she becomes his protege… and soon the natural candidate to succeed him. On the death of Leo IV, Joan is thus unanimously acclaimed Popé, and takes the name of John VIII the Angelic. But her destiny as a woman would soon catch up with her…