Christine Renon

by Sylvie Bailly

Director : Magaly Richard-Serrano
With Agnès Jaoui in the title role

Genre : Societal, based on a true story

Storyline : Christine has been a nursery school director for twenty years. She is an inventive and generous teacher. A woman of heart, radiant and combative in love as in friendshiṕ. Christine is a soldier, invested with an essential mission which directs her life: to look after the children of the school and its teaching staff. This year again she wants to believe that everything is possible for the children, despité the administrative constraints that accumulate and the incidents that follow one another. Inflexible and determined, Christine continues to stand her ground, but faced with the problem of a little girl for whom she can do nothing, she loses her footing, while her body is on the verge of breaking. In four weeks everything changes…