Directed by Yann Gozlann

With Zoé Félix, Éric Savin, Arié Elmaleh

Release date : october 6, 2010

Runtime : 1h24

Genre : Thriller, Horror

Storyline : In the former Yugoslavia, the French medical team formed by Carole, Samir and Dr. Mathias are returning from Kosovo to Paris by truck. They find a road block and the soldier tells that the army had found mines on the road and is deactivating them; therefore they should wait three hours to follow their journey. Dr. Mathias suggests Carole to drive through a secondary road and they get lost. They ask for direction in an isolated house and sooner a van intercepts their truck in a lonely road. They are abducted and arrested in dirty cells but fed. When Samir is removed from the cell, they find the true intention of the kidnappers.

Best Film Award – Los Angeles Screamfest 2010