Cap Canaille

Authors of the adaptation : Anne-Charlotte Kassab and David Paillot

Based on the novel of the same name by Christophe Gavat, Quai des Orfèvres Prize 2021, alreadỳ 400,000 readers.

Genre: Crime, thriller

Storyline : Formerly of the 36, Henri Saint-Donat has chosen to leave the tumult and greyness of Paris to settle in Marseilles, with the hope of finding some comfort in the Mediterranean mildness, and finally managing to mourn his son who disappeared 10 years earlier. But when he discovers his first “Barbecue”, a dirty habit taken up by Marseille drug dealers to settle their accounts by locking up a body in the trunk of a car and setting it on fire, this discreet cop plunges in spite of himself into the heart of a story that strangely echoes his own… On the trail of a truth́ necessarily less unequivocal than it seems, Saint-Donat will discover that realitý hides as many facets as it does pasts and broken destinies. A dark and twisted thriller, Cap Canaille is a story of family, ambition and greed́ but also and above all an ode to love and the rage to (over)live.